This knife has its roots in the Jimmy Lile knife that was used in the movie "First Blood."  But it is different in several ways.  We have never had one to come back with a handle broken off, so we must have gotten that right.  There are many testimonials to it's ruggedness and cutting ability.

BLADE:The basic knife has a 9 1/2" flat ground blade 1 1/2" wide made out of 1/4" thick A2 Tool  steel.  We also offer the knife in the optional CPM S35VN stainless steel. 

FINISH: The basic finish is either satin or subdued (oxide blasted).

HILT: It comes with an Octagon Guard/Hilt with lanyard holes.  You can get an optional lugged one. 

HANDLE: It has a cord wrapped (black or green) Hollow Handle made of Stainless Steel Tube with compass in aluminum buttcap (buttcap must be aluminum for compass to work). The Brown or Black leather sheath comes with flat diamond hone in pouch.

SHEATH: Black or brown Steve Shepard leather loop back sheath with flat EZELAP fine diamond the pouch or the Martin Multi-carry leather sheath that you can mount various attachments on the front.

Base Price:  $525

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CPM S35VN stainless steel $85
Lugged hilt: $45
Tiger Stripe: $25
Dualtone Finish: $50
Guncoat Finish: $75
EZELAP Fine Round diamond hone on front of Shepard sheath: $20